Our services in the field of tax advice.
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Consultancy that is understood.

In our opinion, good advice is often characterized by the ability to find comparatively simple and practicable solutions even for extremely complex tax issues and to implement them in a legally compliant manner. In doing so, we attach great importance to communicating issues in a comprehensible manner and at eye level in order to develop customized solutions for your challenges on this basis.

Target group-specific consulting services.

In order to provide you, our client, with the best possible tax advice, we have deliberately specialized in serving wealthy individuals, families, foundations and asset management companies. We are familiar with the challenges of our target group and have the necessary network to solve even special cases in a professionally competent manner.
Tax Advice

Our services in the area of tax advice at a glance.

Wealth Structuring


Depending on your demands and your personal situation, together with you, we develop tailored solutions. Though, on this occasion, tax considerations play a significant role, however, they are in our view only one point of view under several when making the choice for an investment structure. It is crucial that all involved partners feel comfortable with the chosen structure and that a structure can handle an amount of legal and tax law changes.

Moreover, the basis of an investment structure advice is the comprehensive sighting of all available assets to be able to identify possible legal and tax risks and to define strategies to tackle them.

Tax Analysis


Investments in financial assets or real estate always have tax impacts. We consider it as one of our key duties to analyze these effects in the approach of an investment and to make you aware of them. On this occasion, we rely on our comprehensive and long-standing experience with the tax assessment of financial instruments of all kind, including private equity and real estate.

Succession Planning, Inheritance Tax


We support owners of wealth and entrepreneurs in all questions and issues, in the case the wealth or company should be transferred to the next generation or a family owned company is not supposed to be continued by all members of the family. Besides organizational topics for succession, we support in respect of the inheritance or gift taxation. If succession planning starts on time, the impact of inheritance tax often can be significantly reduced. We are happy to support you in selecting suitable structures and preparing all necessary tax declarations.

Tax Reconciliation


Every tax return is based on the tax documents of the custodian. Even after the implementation of the payment tax in Germany (“Abgeltungsteuer”) tax documents prepared by German custodians often offer no sufficient information when it comes to preparing tax returns for wealthy individuals or institutions with complex investment structures. Thus, in many cases, proper information about results from currency trades or financial instruments is absent. Especially, tax data delivered by non-domestic custodians need to be revised before filing a German tax return.

Hence, we consider it as one of our major tasks to take care, already in the approach of the preparation of the tax return, that all necessary tax information is complete and accurate. Moreover, we do a lot of reconciliation work in regard to the documents of the custodians by comparing them with the tax results generated in your financial accounting.

Tax Declaration


We can prepare all kind of tax declarations as well as support in case of all kind of tax regulatory declarations which can arise in a complex or wide-scaled wealth, in parts of a wealth or for specific legal entities inside a structured wealth. For individuals as owner of the wealth it can be the income tax return, for corporate entities the corporate and trade tax return or for limited partnerships the separated and uniform tax return. In case of individuals or corporate entities who are subject to value added tax, we can prepare the value added tax return.

In the case the company is in charge of the financial accounting we happily support in the preparation of during the year tax declarations like the value added tax application, withholding tax application according to paragraph 50a German income tax code or the withholding tax application for capital income. In addition, we will gladly take over the preparation of your declarations in the course of your declaration obligations for private and business real estate associated with the real estate tax reform 2022.


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Ralph Haydu
Auditor and Tax Advisor
Oliver Bösen
Tax Advisor