Our services in the field of financial accounting.
Efficient. Digital. Meaningful.

Efficient and digital collaboration.

In order to be able to work with you as efficiently and flexibly as possible in the context of financial accounting, we rely on innovative DATEV solutions. This not only saves valuable time, but also enables permanent access to relevant key figures as well as the location-independent and data protection-compliant exchange of receipts.

Meaningful metrics.

Your financial accounting is the reflection of your entrepreneurial activities and therefore provides meaningful key indicators for important decisions. Because of this, we not only manage your financial accounting, but also support you in always monitoring and understanding your company's key figures.
Financial Accounting

Our services at a glance.

Management of Financial Accounting


We keep track of all your compliance requirements regarding your financial accounts. Thus, we assist you with the complete accounting and tax assessment of your business transactions, invoicing and sales tax issues.

Preparation of Financial Statements


The annual accounts are prepared by us based on the statements of the German institute of chartered accountants (IDW S7) and the regulations according to tax law. Hence, the annual accounts provided by us not only comply with the legal regulations, but also with the requirements of banks, investors and tax authorities.

Publication and Submission


In addition to preparing your financial statements, we take care of all obligations linked with financial statements, especially the disclosure or deposition in the Electronic Federal German Register (elektronischer Bundesanzeiger). The obligations depend on the legal form and several accounting numbers.

Business Analyses


Alongside the preparation and analysis of economic evaluations and balance sheet ratios, we support our clients in all areas around financial planning, cash management and financing.


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Auditor and Tax Advisor
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Tax Advsior